Subscription Pricing

What’s the cost for an advisor to use the Altruist platform? 

Altruist brokerage accounts are excluded from Altruist’s portfolio accounting software fee. Connected third-party accounts on Altruist from other custodians are charged one dollar per account per month, with your first one hundred accounts free every month. (Client accounts may incur additional brokerage or other fees, which can be found in the Altruist Financial LLC and Altruist LLC fee schedules on our Legal page.)


What’s our billing cycle and when do we bill? 

We bill on the first day after your trial period ends. That becomes the date we bill your account each month. 


How do we define account types for billing purposes? 

Any account we support is considered a separate account. A joint account is considered one account.


What is the billing date?

Each customer is billed monthly based on their subscription start date. The first billing date is the first day after the end of the trial period.


What happens if I sign up mid-month? 

You can sign up on any date and are billed the first day after the end of your trial period.


What happens if I add an account or remove an account mid-month? 

You can add or remove accounts at any time and we will prorate based on the number of days each account has been active in the billing period. 


What are the terms around the trial period?  

The free trial runs for a period of 30 days, then billing starts.


How do we treat cancellations and refunds? 

On cancellation, customers will have access until the end of their billing period since billing is in advance.


What happens if my card is declined or I fail to make a payment? 

We have a ten-day grace period, after which the account is paused. You can continue to manage Altruist brokerage accounts but cannot access custodian data feeds. 


What payment options do you support? 

For now, we offer credit cards as a payment option. 


How do we bill archived accounts? 

We do not charge for archived accounts.